From cargo ships to river cruise ships

With two shipping schools in Belgrade and Novi Sad, Serbia  offers many of the professional boatmen on the Danube river. Captain Jugoslav Bastijančić is one of our highly qualified nautical crew members from Serbia, having extensive knowledge of inland waterways, berthing and locks.

Jugoslav was born in Bezdan, a Serbian village surrounded by seven arms of the Danube and a canal. The village is known for its silk textile factory in which large wooden looms are used to manufacture tablecloths just as they were 100 years ago. Bezdan also features a museum of underwater concrete and the “Bezdan” water lock.

Starting with 2006, Jugoslav was already traveling independently on European rivers as Captain on cargo ships and tank vessels. In 2018, his route knowledge and river navigation patents allowed him to join AMADEUS. Mr. Bastijančić finished the 2021 season as 2nd Captain of the AMADEUS Royal . This winter, he will pursue further exams in order to obtain additional patents for the Rhine river. His strong understanding of technical systems of the ships is very much appreciated. We are looking forward to seeing Jugoslav as 1st Captain on one of our AMADEUS vessels next year.

When not on board the ship, Jugoslav lives with his family in Sombor, a peaceful, green town surrounded by the plains of Vojvodina, with architecture that evokes Florence and tree avenues that are 120 kilometers long.

AMADEUS is proud to have a team that represents a variety of backgrounds and perspectives and will continue to hire competent candidates from different geographies.