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Here are our job  descriptions:


Executive Chef

Whether with a “roasted duck leg and pink grilled duck breast” or with a “grilled John Dory fillet with carrot crust and curry sauce”, our Executive Chefs..

Sous Chef

The Sous Chef is highly organized culinarian and takes pride in turning out high quality, seasonal and local food that wows passengers. They are very hands-on..

Chef de Partie

We are looking for candidates with passion for food and experience in similar positions (Chef, Cook, Assistant Chef). You are versatile and knowledgeable in meal preparation..

Commis de Cuisine

Send us your CV if you are an experienced cook who takes pride in creating high quality dishes. The role of the Commis de Cuisine is to prepare hot..

Pastry Chef

“Stuffed Macaron on chocolate parfait” or “Pineapple Carpaccio with lemon-coconut panna cotta”? Cruise guests love desserts, and our Pastry Chefs have..


he Baker is passionate about their craft and highly skilled at creating superior, handcrafted breads, rolls, muffins and biscuits – all made with the finest ingredients – for cruise..


This is a chance to join a high-performing galley team! We are looking for candidates with experience in similar positions (dishwasher, kitchen utility, galley..



The Purser is a people person, interacting with guests, leading the reception team and liaising with the Hotel Manager. The Purser is highly professional in manner..


The post holder is primarily responsible for assisting the Purser with the planning of upcoming cruises as well as the preparation and handling of..

Night Auditor

Courteous and proactive, the Night Auditor is the main point of contact for ship guests at night. They communicate well and see to it that passenger queries and..

   F & B

Maître D'Hôtel

In this unique role you will act as key figure in creating a superior restaurant experience for passengers. The Maître d’ ensures that the first impression..

Head Waiter

The Head Waiter is passionate about providing outstanding service and goes out of their way to give guests personalised attention. Guests from diverse..

Restaurant Waiter

The successful candidate will provide international guests with smooth and efficient service and remain alert at all times to their needs and wishes, exceeding..


The Bartender strives to create an experience involving all the senses: a visceral journey of taste, smell and sight. Knowing guests by name, remembering their preferences..

Bar Waiter

The Bar Waiter takes pride in creating a warm and welcoming atmosphere for passengers. They communicate well with international guests and are..


Executive Housekeeper

We are looking for candidates with experience in similar positions (housekeeping supervisor, steward, stewardess) and an eye for detail and organizational flair. The ability..

Cabin Steward/ess

You will have the opportunity to enhance guests experience on board. The Cabin Steward or Stewardess makes sure that the areas assigned to them are..


Hairdresser & Shopkeeper

Patient and gentle, the Hairdresser is an expert in haircare and able to provide guests with high quality service and advice on hair products, treatment and..

Massage Therapist

The Massage Therapist is a licensed professional that consults with clients to assess needs and provide services of Swedish massage, aromatic..


Cruise Director

Charming, energetic and well-organized, the Cruise Director is the onboard representative of the cruise line and the most visible contact point for..

Assistant Cruise Director

The Assistant Cruise Director thrives on diversity and enjoys interacting with guests from various cultural backgrounds. They assist the Cruise Director..


River Captain

How does one steer the vessel through a narrow lock? How does one make a river-going vessel pivot? Our Captains know the answers to these..

Mechanical Engineer

This position offers an exciting opportunity to be an indispensable figure in ensuring the smooth and safe operation of the cruise. The Mechanical..

River Sailor

As a River Sailor (Matrose) you will be expected to be responsible, dedicated and willing to learn and progress. Sailors work well with a team and have good..


Hotel Manager

The quality and success of the cruise rests significantly on the capable shoulders of our Hotel Manager – an exceptional leader who is hands-on, leads..


Musical Duo

As high-level performers in piano and singing, setting guests’ feet tapping or getting them to sing along or dance to the music is what the Musical Duo excels..

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