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River Captain

Deck & Engine Department · Nautical Position

How does one steer the vessel through a narrow lock? How does one make a river-going vessel pivot? Our Captains know the answers to these questions and more. They are knowledgeable about bow thrusters, anchoring or docking. They keep an eye on the complex factors that affect European navigation and constantly take remedial measures for a safe navigation of the ship. They are extremely skilled in maneuvering the ship and can handle both low and high waters situations. They understand the concept of speed control and know how to use the Z-Drive to steer the ship, change the direction of the propeller, or turn the vessel around, even in the middle of the night. The Captain holds the ultimate responsibility for the ship they are commanding and is the final authority on board. In their capable hands, the cruise operates smoothly and safely.


  • qualification as a Captain on the Danube, on Dutch and Belgian rivers, on the Rhine, Main, Moselle or on the Seine and Rhône & Saône rivers in France
  • A or B river patent
  • ability to communicate in German or other international navigation language for navigation purposes
  • willingness to assume responsibility for the ship, the guests, the entire crew and the environment
  • leadership skills
  • good social skills and ability to interact with guests
  • organised and dependable personality with a strong sense of responsibility

Nice to have:

  • good knowledge of English
  • experience with Z-Drive systems
  • radar and radio certificate for the respective areas of operation


  • steer the ship safely from port to port along Europe’s rivers
  • manage and supervise all nautical-technical matters
  • ensure the safety of the ship, the staff and the passengers, adhering to the security plan and fulfilling all legal requirements and protocols
  • direct, train and supervise the nautical team in carrying out their works on deck
  • provide opportunities for development
  • make sure the nautical team wears a clean and tidy uniform
  • interact with guests
  • liaise with the Hotel Manager and Cruise Director to ensure that passengers have the best experience possible

This position is offered by our partners providing the nautical and technical operation of the AMADEUS Fleet.

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