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This is a chance to join a high-performing galley team! We are looking for candidates with experience in similar positions (dishwasher, kitchen utility, galley steward, utility person, dish machine operator). Working with speed and precision, the Dishwasher plays a vital role in making certain that the Galley operations run in a timely fashion.. They handle time pressure well and are hard workers who observe all the necessary hygiene standards as well as health and safety regulations and procedures. They ensure that the galley crew has a clean and sanitary kitchen to work in at all times and have the versatility to assist with other operations such as loading.


  • good command of English
  • ability to follow company procedures
  • awareness of environmental regulations
  • ability to work in a reliable and disciplined manner
  • well-groomed and clean appearance
  • calm manners towards staff, officers and passengers


  • carry out the entire galley and crew mess cleanliness after breakfast, lunch and dinner
  • handle the equipment and machinery in the galley carefully
  • measure and handle cleaning chemicals with caution
  • ensure garbage separation is done properly
  • attend during product loading
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